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For all Size Hurricane Shutter Companies
AHT can fill your orders and help you grow your business.


Commercial Shutter Manufacturer or Installer:
Do you need to order “Ready to Install” products and have them on time?
Our customer support and sales team will back you up until completion.

Or, do you just need the materials to assemble on the job?

Advanced Hurricane Technology has you covered and will make sure you get the best price. Our large scale customers love the service, product and quality. Let us prove it!





Shutter Manufacturer or Installer:

It makes no difference if you are a one man crew or have a full fleet of installers, we deliver services and savings you can pass on to the customer. Our hurricane shutters and hurricane screens will even make the picky home owner who watches over your shoulder happy.

Advanced Hurricane Technology’s custom and innovative products will give you the edge above your competitors.


Sign Up – Creat an AHT Account

An AHT Account holder is a Manufacturer or Installer with the proper licensing and insurance. We sale wholesale to you not the public. We do not undercut our Customers, we are dedicated to helping you grow your business and create a relationship that we can both build on.


Why AHT? What’s in it for you?

Price – We all know this business is competitive and for us to keep growing we built this strategy. We create our own custom products with cost in mind, but never selling an inferior hurricane protection shutter. Innovative design is key to great engineered and price controlled shutter and screen systems.

Quality – Get referrals from your customers through a long life product. We have been building our wholesale company on referrals keeping long term customers because of quality.

Engineering – High prices doesn’t mean strength and durability. That is why we put engineering before price, making sure our price is the most competitive. Go to our Hurricane Shutter Resource Page to get the engineering references you need.

Service – When you are standing on the job with a mis-measured shutter or damaged part, what matters the most then… is service. None of our competitors come even close to our service. Order your next shutter project from AHT and see how smooth things can go.